In Her Corner

Today I welcome Vicki Essex. She’s here to tell us about her new release IN HER CORNER and a little bit about herself.

Thanks for joining us today Vicki!

 Tell us a bit about your new release, IN HER CORNER.

In Her Corner is my third Harlequin Superromance title, and the second in a miniseries about mixed martial arts following my debut book Her Son’s Hero.

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Where do you get your ideas? For example Life experience, fantasies, experiences and fantasies of friends, etc.

I knew after writing Her Son’s Hero that I’d write a book with a female mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. Women’s MMA was still trying to make inroads in the broader market when I started putting the story together, but by the time I’d signed the contract, a new women’s only fight promotion called Invicta FC had just started up and then a few months later the world’s largest MMA promoter, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) had announced they’d have their first women’s match. It was a lucky thing for me because I got to watch the hype grow over the internet and in the media and see how people really reacted to the idea of women fighting in the cage.

 What do you find draws you most to write?

I’ve always enjoyed working with words and figuring out what drives people to do the things they do. Understanding my characters and the challenges that face them has always made me think about my own interactions with the world, as well.

 What else do you have in the works?

 I’m contracted for three more Harlequin Superromance books over the next three years. Two take place in Everville, the town my second book, Back to the Good Fortune Diner, is set in. The other is a story about a celebrity pregnancy. I hope to tie all these stories together one day—in my mind, they’re all happening in the same universe.

 How do you name your characters? Any special tricks?

 I usually check the news to see what names I should definitely avoid. Often I’ll play phone book roulette and pick a name at random.

Do you own an ebook reader or read on an electronic device? If so, what?

I own a Kobo Touch, but I also have an ASUS Iconia tablet. I like the tablet since I can download and buy books from multiple vendors, but I enjoy the glare-free e-ink surface of the Kobo.

As a romance/erotica reader, what sort of stories do you personally prefer?

I love any stories where the characters are fully developed and layered—characters who have flaws and make poor choices, but redeem themselves somehow.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Sour cream and onion ring chips. They’re absolutely disgusting, can hardly be categorized as food and usually turn my stomach, but they’re so delicious. I only have them once a year on my birthday.

 Any vacation or appearance plans this year?

None that have been booked.

 What would your readers by very surprised to learn about you?

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will probably know this already, but I enjoy whiskey. I get a lot of strange looks when I order it at the bar.

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Krystal Shannan Spotlight


Vegas Mates, Book 4


Krystal Shannan

 takingnicoleB&N (1)

The last thing Nicole Demakis remembers was getting in the car with Sarah’s kidnapper and driving away. Now she faces the cold hard truth. The kidnapper, an agent of the Council, is her mate. But he refuses to claim her, and the Council may take everything away before she even has a chance to convince him to trust her.

 Aaron Katsaros was ordered to deliver Nicole to her grandparents, the Antipas royal wolves. It should’ve been an easy task. Clean. No hiccups. But this infuriating woman, this wolf, his mate…is one hiccup after another and she’s arousing him to the point of pain. With his sister’s life hanging in the balance, he refuses to allow his passion to cost him the only family he has left.

 Can he find a way to save his mate, or will he be forced to watch another claim the woman he loves?




Krystal Shannan goes to sleep every night dreaming of mythical realms with werewolves, vampires, fae, and dragons. Occasional a fabulous, completely human story slips into the mix, but powers and abilities usually crop up without fail, twisting reality into whatever her mind can conceive.

As a child, her parents encouraged her interests in Ancient Greek and Roman mythology and all things historical and magickal. As an adult, the interests only grew. She is a child of Neverland and refuses to ever stop believing in fairies. She is guilty of indulging in and being a Buffy the Vampire Slayer groupie as well as an Angel fan. For those of you unfamiliar with the world of Joss Whedon, you are missing out!

She also makes sure to watch as many action and adventure movies as possible. The more exciting the better. Yippee-Ki-Yay… If you don’t know the end of that phrase, then you probably don’t like the same movies.

She enjoys reading romance in all genres, but especially paranormal. Her favorite book is ACHERON by Sherrilyn Kenyon. But really, if it has a ‘Happily Ever After’, she’s on board!

Krystal writes stories full of action, snark, magick, and heart-felt emotion. If you are looking for leisurely-paced sweet romance, her books are probably not for you. However, for those looking for a magickal ride, filled with adventure, passion, and just a hint of humor. Welcome home.

 Krystal Shannan

Putting Magick in Romance one Soul Mate at a Time.


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My Writing Process

Tina Christopher asked me to be on this blog hop with her. Of course I said yes! Next week look for Serena Shay‘s post on her writing topic

So, my writing process. Here goes.

1) What am I working on?
Right now I’m finishing up edits for my release with HarlequinE coming this Sept or Oct. It’s an erotic romance, menage. Set in a tropical climate. Not only the weather is hot, so are the guys!
2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I have no idea. We are all different. But to actually say how is something I couldn’t put my finger on. If anything though, my editor says “your writing is on fire” :)  meaning the sex scenes. *blushes*
3) Why do I write what I do?
It was by fluke really. My first book was No Fantasy Required. I wrote it without the intention of it being so hot. But, when it was accepted and after edits, I started my second story, Being Ariana. It was also a hot story and then it just seemed to flow organically and the rest is history. Although a story I will be working on after the edits on She Wants It won’t be erotic. It will be hot though (can’t seem to get away from that :) )
My January 2014 release Four For the Show. An erotic adventure where our heroine is treated to sexual delights by three men and we have some male/male action going on too.
4) How does your writing process work?
Again, it’s one of those things that never seems to be the same. When I have an idea for a story, and I do have lots, I’ll send myself an email with the title or scene or whatever it was the popped into my brain. Sometimes I can’t let it go and have to write a few thousand words to get it out of me.
I try to write every day. Last year wasn’t that great though after my mom died and my writing just didn’t seem to be there. I’m getting back into the swing of things and hoping to get a lot done this year.
If I focus, I can write 1000 words on my lunch. When I get home, I like to write from 2 – 6 for another 2000 words. Then I’ve accomplished 3000 words a day plus work full time. If I accomplish this then I feel a little better and less guilty for doing other things in the evening.
I am a procrastinator. It’s really hard to shake too. Like I’m doing this blog at 4pm on Sunday when I should have had it wrapped up days ago!
So remember to visit Serena next week when she tells you about her writing process on 17th March.
Serena Shay took to writing out her fantasies in a desperate bid to bring the voices in her head to life and as a way to indulge her paranormal desires.

Vicki Lewis Thompson – The Inside Scoop

Today I welcome Vicki Lewis Thompson .She’s here to tell us about her new release WEREWOLF IN LAS VEGAS and a little bit about herself. I had the pleasure to meet Vicki a few years ago at RWA National and so glad she’s stopping by for a visit today.

Thanks for joining us today Vicki!


Thanks for inviting me!  It’s terrific to be here.

1)     Tell us a bit about your new release, WEREWOLF IN LAS VEGAS.  So this werewolf walks into a casino . . . .  No, that’s not the story!  It starts off with a poker game, but that’s the end of the gambling part.  After that, we discover that a wealthy pack of werewolves do indeed have major holdings in Sin City and we learn how complicated that can be in such an urban environment.  I’ve also created a pairing I’ve never tried before – Giselle, who’s a werewolf, falls for Luke, who’s human.VLY cover

2)     Where do you get your ideas? For example Life experience, fantasies, experiences and fantasies of friends, etc.  I finally figured out that transformation stories are my favorite kind, and I’m inspired by any story in which someone makes a major change in his or her life.  They might be someone I know or someone I read about.  The werewolf stories lend themselves perfectly to that because for the lovers to end up happily ever after, they both have to make huge changes in their thinking.

3)     What do you find draws you most to write?  I write for the love of it –always have – but when I started making money at it, I realized this would be my job.  It’s my dream job, so I want to keep it.  I won’t keep it unless I continue to nurture my creativity and spend plenty of time actually writing.  Maintaining my career is a huge motivator because I don’t want to go back to any of my former day jobs.

4)     What else do you have in the works?  Cowboys!  I’m writing a series for Harlequin called the Sons of Chance.  I’m also about to begin a new project for NAL which is still in the planning stages.  I’m also self-publishing my backlist of the Nerd series and I’ve e-published a new one, NERDS ARE FROM MARS.  In the fall I’ll e-publish NERD OF THE JUNGLE.  I have such fun with my nerds and can’t seem to give them up.

5)     How do you name your characters? Any special tricks?  I have three or four baby name books, and my favorite one is falling apart from a lot of use and one unfortunate dip in the swimming pool.  Naming my characters is both fun and frustrating.  After more than 100 books, I have to be careful not to use the same names too often.  I have a real fondness for Jack, but I’ll have to retire that one.  I’ve had three heroes named Jack, and each of those books was memorable, so I have to be finished with Jack.

6)     Do you own an ebook reader or read on an electronic device? If so, what?  I own a Kobo, which I’ve used a little bit, but I confess I didn’t fall in love with it.  My plan is to get an iPad mini soon, because I want to jump into this brave new world but old habits are hard to kick!

7)     As a romance/erotica reader, what sort of stories do you personally prefer?  My reading candy is historicals, especially Regencies, because they’re nothing like what I’m writing.  It’s also fun to read books in which there are no condoms.

8)     What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?  I don’t know how guilty I am about doing it, but I’m fascinated with tarot cards.  Astrology, too, but I realized in order to become good at astrology I’d have to study a LOT.  I can absorb tarot a little at a time without bending my brain too much.

9)     Any vacation or appearance plans this year?  I’ll be at the Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention April 15-18!  So New Orleans, here I come!  Other than that, I plan to mostly stay home and nurture my creativity, although I can guarantee there will be a couple of Disneyland trips in there.  A trip to Disney does wonders for my muse.

 10)  What would your readers by very surprised to learn about you?  I have no TV reception!  I own a flat screen and a DVD player, but no cable or dish network for this girl.  I’m very picky about what I watch, too.  I sit in front of the TV once or twice a week at most, and then only at night.  I’d rather read!

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NYT bestseller Vicki Lewis Thompson loves her job and plans to do it until someone pries her cold, dead fingers away from the keyboard.  She’s worked with four major publishers during a career in which she’s written more than a hundred books, earned the Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award, and experienced the pleasure of working at home dressed in a t-shirt and sweats.

The Submission

Title: The Submission

Series: Northwood Jags, book 2

Genre: Paranormal, Menage

Flame rating: Scorching

Released: 1/26/2014

Publisher: Liquid Silver

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Bio: Serena began her writing hobby at an early age, creating stories out of love and a desperation to bring the voices to life. However, when the mountain of post-it noted ideas toppled, she decided to take her passion for writing seriously.

With encouragement from her family, she began writing erotic paranormals to provide an outlet for the characters rambling around in her head—each one edgy, a little dangerous, with a whole lot of sexy.  A hobby turned into career and she’s never looked back.

 Serena Shay, erotic romance author, lives in the north with her super supportive hubby, beautiful, Darling Diva, daughter and two crazy, but loveable dachshund pups.

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Twitter:  @Serena_shay

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 Blurb: Serena Shay returns with Book Two of her intense paranormal romance series Northwood Jags. The Submission takes you on a journey of discovery as three shift Posted in Uncategorized