No, not the kind that breathe fire. Although sometimes I feel like breathing fire with this damn hand of mine after surgery. Carpal tunnel. Regular pain in the butt.
I had surgery on my left hand in December and it seemed to bounce back pretty good. March 31 I had surgery on my right hand. It’s not doing so good. So my Dragon is a headset and microphone.
It’s tricky to get used to but I’m given it a try. I have to keep writing and I can’t use my hands so I have to use my voice. I had techie son buy me Dragon speak software and install it on my laptop. I’ve done the training that it asks you to do and now just a matter of getting used to it. Sometimes I feel silly talking and especially don’t want to talk when people are around.
So far so good, but I don’t know all the commands which I’m sure I’ll learn. I need to figure out how to make it work across platforms like email, social media, etc.
One thing I’ve discovered, it doesn’t recognize some names, so either I have ordinary hero and heroine names or have to go back in and change them all.
And you have to remember to turn the microphone off or it will record conversations going on all around which can be interesting for sure.

So that’s it for me for now and why you won’t see me around social media much for the next little while.
Happy Dragoning!