Biscuit Recipe

I haven’t been on my blog much lately. There hasn’t been much news in my world publishing wise. Although I am in edits with an editor that is very encouraging and optimistic about a contract. My fingers are crossed.

In the meantime, I made these biscuits yesterday and was asked to share the recipe. So here it is.

Biscuits with or without cheese

20141121_185947Preheat  oven to 450°F  –  425°F if you have a convection oven

Combine all dry:

2 c flour – I used unbleached, may need more for kneading
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 tbs baking powder
1 tsp salt

It’s easier if you chunk up the butter. Put in flour mixture and use pastry cutter or two knives or whatever you have to cut butter into flour. It will look like coarse meal – does anyone REALLY know what that looks like? I doubt it. It will look a little roughed up and a tad chunky. Try and make sure there are no big chunks of butter left.

6 tbs butter, which just over 1/3 c

Then pour in the buttermilk. I don’t get fancy and add bit by bit. I just dump it in and use a fork to gently blend. It will be a bit sticky and wet. Don’t over mix it.

1 cup buttermilk – if you don’t have use 1 cup milk and 1 tbs vinegar and let sit for a few minutes. It will be thick.

Next, drop on a counter to pat out and knead. You may need a bit more flour to stop it from sticking to the counter. Pat to about 1/2 inch and then fold over, knead a couple time, fold over again, kneed and repeat about 4 or five times. Pat out to 1″ thick.

You can cut with a round cutter or cut into squares. But don’t saw the dough, press gently to cut.

Place on parchment paper lined cookie sheet. If you want soft sides, have them touch if you want crispy sides leave about an inch between.

Bake for 10 – 13 minutes

The bottom will be golden and the top as well. Mine needed about 3 extra minutes and could have used a little more to fully cook and be fluffy. But they were delicious!


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