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Many of us have beloved pets. Our lives would be empty without them. So I’m delighted to be on this blog hop.

Currently I have two cats in my life. Cuddles and Bandit. They were abandoned fifteen  years ago in a ditch by my old farm. They adopted us and my boys. Cuddles lives up to her name and Bandit is a mischievous one. They’re getting on in years now and don’t have as much night time jungle warfare like they used to. Thank goodness.


And then there is Emma. She is a fabulously sensitive dog. I take her to visit my dad and the other seniors. They love her and she is so good with everyone.
20130526_132021-2_resized Any my old Mollie. She is gone three years now but was my rock during my separation and divorce. I miss her. This is one of the last pictures of her and her last vacation to the beach. A few days later we said goodbye. mollie1And those that came before and are now gone too. Each one taking a piece of my heart with them. Sassy. My registered half Arab mare. I had her since she was just shy of two years old. She died just before May 24 this year of either a stroke or heart attack. I had gifted her to a wonderful family that loved and gave her a wonderful home after I sold my farm. sassy3Panther. My registered Quarter Horse gelding, Zips Won of a Kind. I had him since he was a yearling. He became ill and was under veterinary care. In the end he somehow broke his femur and had to be humanly put to sleep. This is the best digital photo I have of him. He was a sweetie and would follow me around the farm with his nose pretty much in my pocket. pantherGilbert. Our pocket pet. gilbertAnd Tia and Bonnie, my queens as I called them. A sable and tri coloured collie. Long gone now. Tabby and Missy, cats that moved with the family for many years. Buddy, an American Saddlebred gelding I had in my early twenties. Candy, my childhood pups. Billy and Bo, a grey and yellow cockatiel. All gone but never, ever forgotten.        

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