What is your most memorable Halloween? Do you have a favourite costume? What was your fall-back costume?

One Halloween night, long long ago — yes I’m old — it was a very windy night. Imagine, leaves skittering along the ground, branches groaning and creaking tapping against the windows, jack-o-lanterns with evil grins and lamplight flickering behind the bushes. Add in all those unusual sounds that could be very scary on Halloween, especially for over an active imagination like mine.

Grey puffy clouds skudded across the black sky. But what was behind those clouds was truly alarming to me. I pointed out the lights in the sky to my friend. She looked up. We didn’t see stars that night, we saw millions of alien space ships flying across behind the clouds, preparing to invade Earth! It scared the bejesus out of us and we ran all the way home. It really did look like an alien invasion. Honest.

My go-to costume was a hobo. Just grabbed a bunch of my dads work shirts, pants and look messy. I never went for the princess stuff. Nope its was the jockeys, equestrians and hobo’s. Maybe the simplicity of not having to be too creative was the ticket.

Do you watch horror movies? I like a good fright now and then. Even if I’ve left my fingernails in the ceiling more than once.

So tell me some of your Halloween frights. The scariest one will get a copy of No Toys Tonight!


Girls night out at a male strippers. At first Fiona thought it was just what she needed, let her hair down and go wild. But when things start getting a little bit out of hand, she bolts right into the car of a very sexy voiced cabby. Or so she thought. Nearly blinded by the blowing dust, it takes her a few moments to realize her mistake.

After a rough work day all off duty cop Reid wants is pizza, beer and to watch football. But fate has other plans for him. A gorgeous beauty flags him down outside a strip club and his sense of duty makes him stop.

A classic case of mistaken identity sparks a dangerous attraction that can only be satisfied with a daring sexual encounter. Is the risk of discovery too great, or the freedom of anonymous stranger sex even more delicious than denying the lust steaming up the car?

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  1. Have done this the past couple years. Take a cereal box…stick a couple of knives through it. Add a little red ink for blood. Tape the box to my shirt and voila…I have become a cereal killer. :)

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