Today I welcome R.G. Alexander .She’s here to tell us about her new release BURN WITH ME and a little bit about herself.

I like having guests; it’s kind of like having a party. Everyone comes to see what’s going on, hopefully leaves a message or two for RG and comes back often to visit the blog later.

And she comes bearing gifts too!  A $10 Amazon gift card to a visitor… but you have to comment to win. Read her product warning :) and tell us what fascinates you the most about this tale of devilish debauchery.

Thanks for joining us today RG!

Thank you for having me!

1) Tell us a bit about your new release, BURN WITH ME. Burn With Me is the first book in the Fireborne series, and something a little different for me-since my heroine-Aziza Jane, demanded the entire series be about her (and her hunky entourage of course).

2) Where do you get your ideas? For example Life experience, fantasies, experiences and fantasies of friends, etc. Well I was reading a book on Middle Eastern mythology and there was a marathon of Doctor Who happening in our house around that time-so I probably set Burn in London because of that lol-and I couldn’t resist the jinn. Not the I Dream of Jeannie jinn, but the real—far more interesting and complicated kind. Once Aziza Jane popped into my head-the rest is history.

3) What do you find draws you most to write? I’d been writing songs and poetry since I was eight years old, but I’d never written a story (not one that didn’t rhyme anyway *G*) I did read all the time, and when I wasn’t reading, I was daydreaming. Looking back, I was always telling stories in my head. It just took my husband the Cookie to convince me to put my daydreams on paper. Lifting the Veil with Ellora’s Cave was the first story I actually finished on paper. (well on computer-but you know) That was over six years ago, and now I can’t seem to stop.

4) What else do you have in the works? More books in the Fireborne series, next up is Make Me Burn. Also a return to the Veil series, more in Children of the Goddess and Shifting Reality and Bone Daddy and Elemental Steam series…and now the Bigger in Texas series as well. (I like series-can you tell?)

5) How do you name your characters? Any special tricks? Names are important to me, especially in paranormal. I want it to reflect the person, and the meaning is often times just as important as the melody of it-how it sounds. Of course, occasionally I just pick names of people I like or think are funny (Truly Scrumptious springs to mind lol) And sometimes I pick a name that sounds right, then realize later its meaning was perfect-like Linnea from Piercing the Veil (means twin flower-and she was the plucky heroine for my cursed Viking twins)

6) Do you own an ebook reader or read on an electronic device? If so, what? I have a kindle, though I admit I read more on my laptop.

7) As a romance/erotica reader, what sort of stories do you personally prefer? Good ones. Seriously, I love romance/erotica because the readers are so open to genre. Scifi-fantasy-paranormal-contemporary-historical highlanders. As long as the characters are interesting and the story is compelling, I’m in.

8) What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? Television marathons, chocolate, coffee and video games. 

9) Any vacation or appearance plans this year? This year I’m all about catching up on my writing-next year-I’ll be everywhere! Lol Okay almost everywhere. Definitely RT convention in New Orleans.

10) What would your readers be very surprised to learn about you? I’m pretty much an open book- love getting on twitter @RG_Alexander and talking to everyone. I’m a goofy nerd who loves Doctor Who and musicals. I do have one or two surprises…but I’m not telling. I like to pretend I’m mysterious 

For details on R.G. Alexander please visit

BurnWithMe3001 copy

Fireborne, Book 1

Aziza Jane Stewart is living on borrowed time, and making a few mistakes in London seems like a good way to go out with a bang. But when two compelling strangers draw her into an ancient conflict, she realizes her curse isn’t about death at all…it’s about the power within her.

The sexy giant following her says he can smell trouble on her skin, the smokeless fire and magic of the demons he was born and bred to hunt. Brandon may be an enforcer, but his reaction to her is anything but adversarial. Ram, her new Jinn shadow, will do whatever it takes to come between them, and he’s just as hard for Aziza to resist.

When her dark family legacy burns to the surface, whom can Aziza trust? The alpha male who pushes all her hot buttons, the Jinn who seduces her in dreams, or the emerging Fireborne within? As danger circles closer, she must learn to embrace her newfound powers—and trust someone with her heart—before she becomes the final casualty.

Product Warnings

Explicit content, magic, danger, voyeurism, chains, a secret ménage and carnal deeds of devilish debauchery at every other turn. Basically…fasten your seatbelts and get ready to burn.

6 thoughts on “Fireborne!

  1. I love RG and I love her books. She knows this, too! ;) I already bought Burn With Me and she is one of the few authors I have on my autobuy list. I highly recommend anything she writes, because she is a very talented writer. I loved the interview! <3 kbinmichATyahooDOTcom

  2. Hi Cristal and R.G.! :) Great post. Hehehe love how RG always ” ” mentions Dr. Who.
    As for this book … I know “everyone” hates them, but I love the love triangle. I guess it’s my age or something, but I missed the periods where there were so many and I never burnt out on them. Of course, it has to make sense or work – but all that tension and angst. I’m totally not equal opportunity here though. Needs to be two guys and one girl, otherwise I’m not into it – I don’t need or want to read about some cat fight. :X

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