Friends with Benefits

Welcome back Rhonda Carver as she stops by today. She interviewed her heroine, Cassandra, and she’s sharing secrets!


I’m interviewing Cassandra Brooks, heroine of Friends With Benefits. Read on to find out what secret Cassandra tells me…

Me:  Welcome, Cassandra.

Cassandra:  You can call me Cassie. Thank you for having me. Sebastian has told me all about you…*she winks*

Me: Sebastian is quite the man. I’m curious…how hard is it working next to him in a hot kitchen?

Cassie:  *batting of eyelashes* Not easy, trust me. He’s definitely the better baker between the two of us, and he can certainly raise the temperature, if you know what I mean.

Me: Oh, I do. Do you mind if I stick my nose where it may not belong?

Cassie: *slight hesitation* Sure…I think.

Me: Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle. You and Sebastian were once a couple, turned best friends, yet I have a suspicion some of the old feelings may still exist.

Cassie: Back when we first met we were both too young for commitment.  And Seb, well, what can I say. He was quite the ladies man when he was younger.

Me: Is he still a ladies’ man?

Cassie: No, he’s not. In fact, he spends more time with his kitchen tools than women.

Me: Maybe because that’s where you are all of the time too–at your bakery, Whipped friendswithbenefits333x500-199x300Dream?

Cassie: *blushing*

Me: I’m thinking you like that idea…

Cassie: Here lately my head has been reeling. You see, I have a secret admirer who has been writing me for a while and although I’ve never met this man, I have feelings for him. Is that silly?

Me: No.

Cassie: And then there’s Seb…I can’t seem to get over the old emotions, and the new ones. I wonder if it’s normal for a woman to fantasize about her best friend? It’s complicated.

Me: Have you told him how you feel?

Cassie: I’m afraid if I do, and he doesn’t feel the same, things will be uncomfortable. Or, if we do give it a try again, and it doesn’t work, I’ll no longer have him in my life.

Me: Understandable.  Why should readers read Friends With Benefits?

Cassie: Doesn’t everyone wonder about that old question…”Can man and woman be ‘only’ friends?”  I have a lot of decisions to make…and I’m curious what readers would do in my situation.


Friends With Benefits, Releasing May 7, 2013

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Rhonda Lee Carver is a hopeless romantic. Whether you enjoy sweet romance or naughty erotica, she has written a story for you. Rhonda read her first novel at thirteen and swears one journey in a book opened a window into her destiny. She began writing ghost stories shortly after, and as years passed, her stories bloomed into passionate tales of romance and intrigue. Her soft spot is for intelligent, saucy heroines who can challenge a bad-ass, sometimes broken, hero. Her male characters love to get their hands dirty, but will gladly wash them for the heroine. The men Rhonda writes are known for their bad-ass quality, but with a little tweaking, they become heroes. Believing that every soul has a mate, she also has a strong faith in love and its ability to cure anything.  She hopes readers fall into her romance…because everyone deserves a fantasy.


Friends With Benefits by Rhonda Lee Carver

Cassie’s admirer hides behind a blindfold…could he be somebody she knows?

Cassandra and Sebastian have been friends since college. They know everything about each other, and even own a restaurant together. Now she has a secret admirer—one who asks her to meet him wearing a blindfold…and nothing else. She complies, mostly, and must rely on how he smells, feels, and sounds when they meet. He seems familiar. Familiar enough to be Sebastian? Surely not. Maybe she’s hoping her admirer is Sebastian. Maybe…

Sebastian has a secret Cassie knows nothing of: He’s in love with her. But telling her could destroy their friendship. So he’s got to sit back and watch as she swoons for this secret admirer who uses all the right romantic words to win her heart.

Can Sebastian step forward and reveal himself? Supposing he dares to let Cassie know he loves her, can their friendship survive if she doesn’t feel the same for him?

CONTENT WARNING: strong language, graphic sex


She no longer heard his footsteps. Her breath caught. The presence of her lover changed the aura of her bedroom. The warmth of the room skyrocketed and a faint scent of cologne reached her nostrils. She frantically searched her mind for the fragrance. She knew the smell, but had no time to process the thought. All logical thinking faded when a deep, raspy growl penetrated the air. A lover’s sound of appreciation.

Knowing he was turned on charged her every nerve. Her breasts became tight. Her insides shuddered. She resisted the overwhelming urge to tear off her mask. Would he run away if she did?

A sliver of vulnerability targeted her senses. Yet, she was excited.

Cassie couldn’t be referred to as innocent. She’d had lovers in the past, but nothing like this. All experience floated out the window as she pondered what she should say, if she said anything at all.

The soft thumping of his shoes echoed off the walls as he moved across her hardwood floor. Sounded like he wore boots. Not cowboy boots, but work boots with rubber soles. Was he a construction worker? Her mind conjured up images of tight T-shirt clinging to a sweaty, toned upper body. Worn jeans cradling tight ass and muscular legs.

The apex of her thighs moistened. She had it bad. How could one man, a stranger at that, fan her thoughts into flaming desire?

With use of her sight off limits, her hearing became overly sensitive. She listened to every sound. The rustling of his clothes and a long, drawn-out sigh, then scuffling as he moved to the side of the bed. She pushed herself higher against the headboard, anticipation growing heavy.

He didn’t touch her. She tucked her bottom lip between her teeth. “Hello?” She wished she could have hidden the eagerness in her voice. She didn’t want to come off as desperate; however, her body throbbed in yearning.


She started to speak again, but the mattress lowered under his weight. Her body slid a few inches toward him across the slick material of the cover. She pushed herself back up, regaining her pose on the bed. Her breathing grew heavy in her ears. Her heart raced. Could he hear it?

Although she knew it was coming, she jerked when his fingers touched her ankle. She laughed at her involuntary reaction, but it fizzled. His touch seemed like a laser, sending rivulets of heated awareness up her leg and exploding like shards of glass into her loins.

A sigh fell from her lips before she could snatch it back. “Yes.” She clenched her hands at her sides.

Slowly, deftly, his palm trailed a frenzied path upward past her knee, and settled against her inner thigh. A shiver of need gripped her muscles.

The tip of her tongue slid out and moistened her lips on its own accord. She didn’t care that desire plagued her with physical signs of longing. All she knew was she wanted this man. Apprehension disappeared.

“Please,” she pleaded.

His hand, warm and large, relaxed against her stomach.

She squirmed, started to reach out to touch him, but he clutched her wrists with one hand and held them securely. She moaned. “I want to touch you.”

“No.” His voice came as a gruff whisper.



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