Hard Re-entry

Re-entry is tough. What kind am I talking about? The kind that happens when you finish your vacay and have to come back to the real world. And emerging from an event that rattles your world.

After a horrible two months, I finally got a week away with Meat Man. He surprised me with a trip south – which was so needed but took a while to get there. It was wonderful, relaxing and everything one needs to recharge the batteries after a heart wrenching and life changing event that happened just before Christmas.

One thing I have learned is life does go on and even if it’s hard, you got to get on the train and not miss the stops along the way. The writing is slowly coming back and I have three releases coming up. One on February 22 – Fondled and Gobbled: Going Back For Seconds with Ellora’s Cave and March 1 No Toys Tonight – One Adventure Twice Told with  Sybarite Seductions. One other that I can’t talk about just yet but, soon :)

I guess this means I’m getting my muse back :)

These next releases are dedicated to my mom, Doris. I also told her the night before she died I would create a special character for her. Now I just have to find the right story. For mom, who supported me in every way. Miss you more than words can say. xo

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