Harley’s, Friday 13th & Full Moon

The combination of the two could be alarming, right? I know my morning has had it’s challenges so far.

I totally forgot today is Port Dover ride day in Ontario. That’s when thousands of bikers descend on this little Ontario town. It all started back in 1971 and to learn more, click on the link for more info and a whack of photo’s.

As I write this, I hear the roar of Harley’s on the road. It is a sight to behold for sure.

This morning at Tim Horton’s in Guelph, a whole pack of bikers from local club called Ghost Riders where fueling up with coffee and treats. The woman below caught my eye when she came into the coffee shop. I knew I had to take her picture and do a blog. She was very nice and yes, that is her bike!

1402667543345Rachel was very gracious and posed so we could get a closer look of her amazing ink :) Does that look like a blue jewel on her shoulder?

20140613_091605The collective.

pd bikesAnd for the full moon? Do you have trouble sleeping with it? Or do you find people around you edgier, moody, or generally freaks? I don’t have any handy moon shots, and most of the time they never turn out anyway. So instead here’s a sunset shot from St. Croix.


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