Night Creatures

Welcome Nerine Dorman! What a great array of books she has for you. Totally intriguing and with fabulous names. Africa, the Dark Continent, but is it really?

Creatures of the African Night
By Nerine Dorman

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Though the stories weren’t written chronologically, three of my Lyrical Press titles are in the same universe, and if you start reading The NamaqualandLP_The Namaqualand Book of the Dead_300 Book of the Dead, then go onto What Sweet Music They Make and finish with Camdeboo Nights you’ll get a gradually unfolding universe. And vampires, yes. And love, in its various forms.

The Namaqualand Book of the Dead is a novella that kinda bit me on the ass. I hadn’t intended to write it, but I had a bizarre experience while walking from work to the train station. A friend of mine had recently passed away, and I pretty much almost bumped into a guy who looked almost exactly like him. What compounded the matter further was that flash of recognition in the stranger’s face, as if he knew. And had something to hide. The incident might’ve lasted a split-second, but it remains etched in my mind. So the plot bunnies started hopping and I asked myself, what if a young woman’s boyfriend fakes his own death in order to protect her from a very dark secret. What if death is not the end? So this is part road trip, part murder mystery, and is all about the bonds of love and friendship.

What Sweet Music They Make takes us further into a world of darkness, this time told from whatsweetmusictheymake333x500the perspective of a vampire. He’s not the strongest, nor the most powerful. I’ve always wondered what it must be like for those who end up as minions for the bigger game players. Do they resent their masters when they are sent out as glorified henchmen to go do the dirty work? Who qualifies to become a vampire in my world? At any rate, at its heart, this novella is a love story. Mortal girl meets immortal boy, and they make beautiful music together. But they’re both ensnared in the sticky mess of immortals who don’t have her best interests at heart.

I wrote Camdeboo Nights ages ago, actually long before I wrote the two novellas that released before it (which goes to show how much I enjoyed playing in this particular setting). Here, in this full-length novel, you’ll meet four youngsters who don’t always get on well, but they end up having to rely on each other when one of them unwittingly becomes hot property for the older vampires. Yes, you’ll get a road trip, phantom hitchhikers, magic and lost cities, as well as host of other mysteries as our characters embark on the wildest rescue mission of their lives. Oh, and there’s a classic car. There had to be a classic car in this story.

But before I go, just a word on the setting. All these stories I’ve mentioned are set in South Camdeboo Nights smlAfrica. If you’re curious about what it’s like in my country, and you want a kick-ass story as well, then swing on by. Step into my world. So you’ll be an armchair traveller for a bit. You’ll get to travel up our West Coast, and a trip through our dry, desolate heartland, the Karoo. You’ll spend ample time in Cape Town, otherwise known as the Mother City. Come on, try something a little different. I double dare you.

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Like romance? I also write under the pen name of Therése von Willegen, and have two tvw-tl-fulltitles available. Tainted Love  is about a good girl who bares all as a dancer in a gentleman’s club, and Hell’s Music is about the good girl who ends up with a bad-boy rocker who puts Ozzy Osbourne to shame when it comes to a wild past. Yeah, lots of good girls going bad in ways unimaginable. That seems to be a theme in my tales.

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