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All I Want and More

The romance between these two build throughout the whole story…. Simmering and then coming to a boil… And then there is a life or death situation… Now are you interested!!!!

Sizzling Hot Reviews

Elemental Heat really sizzles. Chet and Jenna have what could be considered a long courtship and their passion is just ready to explode. I wanted to keep reading about them and was disappointed when I hit the last page.



All I Want and More

This is one hot story… The word quickie describes it quite well… but when you read it and you see the tease that Clare puts Steve through, you might think twice about the word quickie…

Switch Me Up is geared to please the male imagination but it doesn’t play favorites when it comes to the reader. Carries enough heat to melt the left over spring snow and it is great for those readers who like the heat on full blast in their romances.



Night Owl Reviews

This is my first Cristal Ryder story, but I absolutely loved it!

Sizzling Hot Books

I would recommend Hot Fusion if you are looking for a well written shorter read, with some steamy action involved.

All I Want and More

Ms. Cristal did a great job at giving me a taste of old fashion romance. It is packed with enough heat to make you go to bed with the air conditioner on. The story is so well penned, that you will fall in love all over again!

Fallen Angel Reviews

This is the first book I’ve read from Cristal Ryder and have to say it surpassed my needs for a good book.



All I Want and More

Two people come head to head to test the limits of each other, to see what each other is made of – so to speak… And the things they do to test each other… Well… let’s just say they learn some things about themselves! And realize they kinda like it!

Being Ariana


Author site reviews

All I Want and More

What I loved with these two was watching the act unfold in the privacy of the darkness… And then to see the twist at the end… That was a treat!

If you are craving a masked treat of a story… one that will set you up to have fun yourself… you may want to see what Being Ariana is all about….

Two Lips Reviews

The build up to the sex act is what makes this story and Ms. Ryder is fantastic at this.  She builds up the tension and not only is Ariana aroused but so was I.  Very nicely done!

Nocturne Reads

Being Ariana is a sexy story that is impossible to put down until you have reached the end and found your satisfaction

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story and highly recommend it for lovers of Erotica. I look forward to reading more from Ryder.


January 12, 2010 From Mary

I’ve just finished reading “No Fantasy Required” and I have to say I absolutely loved it and I’m looking forward to the next Chapter of “Lost in Fantasy”

Allow me to quote Kelly… “Wasn’t that every mans fantasy” I loved that line because it’s so true.

Cristal Ryder you delivered on all counts. With tastefully written fantasies you take us on a journey into a bubbly… sizzling… hot tub, to having dessert before dinner (is this the secret to dieting) not to mention the nightcap, with thee Tom Jones. Since that scene I haven’t managed to stop hearing the music in my head. I consider this read a definite bedtime story aphrodisiac… for both p


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