Sneak Peek Sunday – 02/10

This week, I’m posting a snippet from my story in Fondled and Gobbled: Coming Back for Second.

Keep ’em Coming
“Okay, ladies, if the spotlight finds you, then get up on stage or you might miss the chance of a lifetime.” Mack, the manager of Keep ’em Coming strip club was on stage trying to whip the women into a frenzy.

Rayvn’s eyes looked around the room and panic filled her. She simply had to have this lap goingbackforseconds_msrdance! She sat taller and couldn’t keep quiet.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” she shouted. “Me! Me.” She stared at Mack, willing him to look at her. Sending mind messages for him to pick her. She needed this dance.

Pick me, pick me. I hope your dick falls off if you don’t. Even his penis was her friend. Yes, they are all my friends. Not a scary dragon snake like she thought until her therapist explained otherwise.

Yes, this is my therapy. Lap dance is my therapy. To get me over my cock fear.

The spotlight beam careened around the room, casting pale blue light over the audience of screaming women. How could she make herself stand out of thi s seething mass of high-pitched women?

They’d been told to stay in their seats. No standing or it meant automatic disqualification. What could she do?

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