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Who has cats? I have two. Cuddles and Bandit. I call them our ditch kittens as someone tossed a litter in the ditch by my farm fifteen years ago. When we were saying goodbye to the family at Thanksgiving (Canadian one) the two tiny kittens came up to us, sat at our Emma up closefeet in the driveway and the rest, as they say, is history.
I’m more of a dog and horse person, but there is something very special about these guys. In 2007 they went to live with my  parents since I was selling the farm and mom and dad never gave them back. They loved them too much. The cats came home to me three months ago, since dad couldn’t care for them after mom died before Christmas.
The pic is of Emma though. She is a sweetie. I tried to take pics of the cats with my phone and send them, but it didn’t work. So you get pups instead.
Cuddles is great, no trouble and purring machine. Bandit is good too except he wails. Yes, WAILS! Mainly in the middle of the night. So they are put in the basement during the week. But on the weekends, I let them stay upstairs.
Bandit has been known to lick and nip me in the night. Not really the kind of nipping and licking I’m wanting when in bed. Anyway, cat stories aside it’s Sunday and I’m going to give you a sneak peak of something I started yesterday. It’s still very rough. A series of quickie stories I’ll send to my fab editor at Ellora’s Cave and I hope she will love them.
Kitties love their cat treats too. Shake that bag and they come running. If I shook my caveman bag, would you coming running for your treats?
Well, I shook my bag and look what fell out. Ellora’s Cave Cavemen. Which Caveman do you think should be the Rankin brothers? I know who I’m picking :)
cavemen not fuzzy
Meet the Rankin’s!
She felt her way through the darkened cabin to lavatory. It was brightly illuminated and blinded her briefly. Perfect timing to for the plane to hit a pocket of turbulence. Trish lost her footing, didn’t see the door open and catapulted headlong into a person coming out. Not just any person, but a mountain of a man. She reached out to steady herself, her fingers closing around some very impressive, iron hard muscled shoulders
Arms snaked around her like steel bands, holding her tighter than she’d ever been held before.Trish sucked in a surprised gasp. He smelled so damn good too. Trish blinked and looked up, way up. This man was huge, muscled, broad, tanned, blond…Viking blond with brown eyes that reminded of her of chocolate syrup she wanted to let pour all over her. Sticky, sweet, delightful.
Holy shit.
She swallowed when her heart tripped over itself and she just about gushed in her panties. This is what you get for being celibate for too damn long.He stared back at her, the right side of his mouth curved up in a smile.
Wanna join the Mile High Club you sexy beast you?
so from the pic above, pick the Rankin brothers. One is Grant, who you’ve met here and the other is Daniel, his older brother which you haven’t met yet. Both are South African. 


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