Dirigibles Are Forever

Tina Christopher is visiting today with her new release!


Working as an Aether Traffic Controller saved Holly Acklin after the death of her husband, but now she wants more—including a night of uninhibited passion with Jack Smith, whose very presence has kept her body tingling for months.

Special Agent Jack Smith kept his identity a secret when he came to the London Royal Port Authority with one assignment, one he cannot fail. It holds him back from following his attraction to Holly. But on the eve he must complete the mission, Holly asks for one night with no rules or boundaries, and his control snaps.

When London experiences an unexpectedly white Christmas, all dirigible traffic is grounded, leaving Holly and Jack free to act upon their stormy passions. Holly finds her determination to stay emotion-free crumbling unaware Jack is experiencing the same need. Each lover wishes for more, but fears it can’t be. Instead they focus their desires in mind-blowing passion.

But when Holly discovers that Jack isn’t who he claimed to be, everything is thrown into turmoil. Can she trust the man she thought she knew?

Here is the link to Loose Id where one can download the first chapter.

Cruise Into Eden

I’m so glad to have Lexi visiting me today and talking about her new release Cruise Into Eden. her stories are inspired by classic literature, which is very cool indeed. And I know she is working on a most awesome project now, but my lips are sealed :)

Last April I spent some time with Lexi and her wonderful husband on their very special island, St. Croix USVI, where their house was right on the beach. I was in heaven and LOVED it so much, even if my air bed did have a leak that needed pumping up at 3am every night LOL (They were packing to move) Cruise ships would come into port on occasion and it was something to see.

Thanks for visiting today Lexi! Oh, and if you know how to make that Lime in the Coconut, share please :)

…and I was on this very beach below. Like I said, heaven.

Private beach

Why the Caribbean?

First, I want to thank Cristal for having me on her blog today. Knowing I was coming here, it wasn’t hard to pick a topic to discuss because I know what a beach girl, Cristal is J

In my new release, Cruise into Eden, I chose to set it mostly on a cruise, but not just any cruise, a clothing optional cruise. Part of the reason for this was that this is an erotic romance and I thought it would be great place to make the two heroes comfortable because Ware and Nase are from the planet Eden. In Eden, it is impolite to wear clothes!

Of course, once I made them comfortable I had to figure out where the cruise was going. One of the great things about a nude cruise is that it has to go to warm places. I mean, after all, no one is wearing clothes, so I chose the Caribbean as I lived in the Caribbean and know it well.

This cruise stops in St. Martin (that’s the French side), a private island owned by the cruise line, Jamaica, and finally Key West before heading back to its port. I picked these places because I knew for a fact they all have wonderful beaches. The bonus with the Caribbean ports was they also had places where not having clothes was allowed.

Can you imagine getting a tan with no tan lines on a pristine white beach next to turquoise blue waters in 88-degree heat with a soft ocean breeze and the palm trees swaying? Okay, how about with a bathing suit on, a cabana boy, and a tall drink called Lime in the Coconut? If you can imagine that, then there is a good chance you’ll enjoy Cruise into Eden.

Always, Lexi

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CruiseIntoEden5 c


Erin couldn’t help the big smile on her face as she strolled between Nase and Ware down the narrow path to the beach. What woman could blame her? She had two gorgeous hunks and they would soon be sunning on a beach. She’d be the envy of every woman there.

For such a popular place, she was surprised by how small the path was. She’d heard more than a couple of groups disembarking the ship talking about Orient Beach. Then again, it was a nude beach so maybe it had to be tucked away.

The salty smell of the ocean caught her just before the path opened up to a small beach flanked by two coral rock heads. Between them was two hundred feet of pure, white sand and the beautiful turquoise water she had seen from the ship. Now this was a beach, except it was empty.

Ware stepped up to her, his body barely touching hers. “Do you like it?”

She tilted her head up to look at him and caught her breath. His presence was almost overpowering. Her body reacted to him like a candle lit by a match, slowly melting but hot. Staring into his green gaze was mesmerizing.

The slightest twitching at the corner of his mouth had her mind taking over again. “I love it. But where are all the people?”

“It’s just us. Everyone else is probably on Orient Beach, which I imagine is quite crowded by now. We thought you might like to try a more secluded spot.”

She turned her body toward his. “Try it for what?”

“For being nude.”

She stepped back. “Why?”

He cocked his head slightly. “Why not? Did you sleep naked last night?”

She flushed. “Yes.”

Ware closed the space between them, pressing his hard body against her and cupping her cheek. “Then I would ask that you spend your time on this beach with us naked.”

Oh God, when he used that tone of voice she craved to do whatever he wanted. Again she wondered if he was a hypnotist.

She looked around the secluded beach. They were surrounded by hills and the only house she could see was far up on a mountain. “Okay. But you have to put lotion on my back. I don’t want to burn.”

Ware smiled, as in a real smile, and her heart jumped into double time, causing her to catch a breath. A warmth filled her chest as if she belonged. She clasped his hand against her cheek and shuddered at the sensual feelings that coursed through her body like a wave.

He pulled back. “I would be happy to help you.”

Erin shivered at the vision of Ware rubbing lotion onto her back.

Nase ran up to them, already naked. “The water feels like home. Anyone interested in swimming?”

She grinned. “I am. Skinny dipping I’ve done. Though it was at night.” She winked at Ware. “Where should we set our towels?”

Ware took her bag from her. “You go swim. I’ll set up.”

“Okay.” She quickly pulled off her sundress, throwing it over his arm. Taking one more glance around the secluded spot, she untied her rainbow-striped string bikini, and dropped the top into her bag. Before she could lose her nerve, she pulled down her bottoms and they followed her top.

Ware nodded in approval, but Nase grabbed her hand. “Come on, let’s catch some waves.”

He pulled her to the water’s edge, but there were no waves to catch. Without hesitation, he scooped her up and walked into the water until he was chest deep. “I’ve waited so long to hold you.”

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What is your most memorable Halloween? Do you have a favourite costume? What was your fall-back costume?

One Halloween night, long long ago — yes I’m old — it was a very windy night. Imagine, leaves skittering along the ground, branches groaning and creaking tapping against the windows, jack-o-lanterns with evil grins and lamplight flickering behind the bushes. Add in all those unusual sounds that could be very scary on Halloween, especially for over an active imagination like mine.

Grey puffy clouds skudded across the black sky. But what was behind those clouds was truly alarming to me. I pointed out the lights in the sky to my friend. She looked up. We didn’t see stars that night, we saw millions of alien space ships flying across behind the clouds, preparing to invade Earth! It scared the bejesus out of us and we ran all the way home. It really did look like an alien invasion. Honest.

My go-to costume was a hobo. Just grabbed a bunch of my dads work shirts, pants and look messy. I never went for the princess stuff. Nope its was the jockeys, equestrians and hobo’s. Maybe the simplicity of not having to be too creative was the ticket.

Do you watch horror movies? I like a good fright now and then. Even if I’ve left my fingernails in the ceiling more than once.

So tell me some of your Halloween frights. The scariest one will get a copy of No Toys Tonight!


Girls night out at a male strippers. At first Fiona thought it was just what she needed, let her hair down and go wild. But when things start getting a little bit out of hand, she bolts right into the car of a very sexy voiced cabby. Or so she thought. Nearly blinded by the blowing dust, it takes her a few moments to realize her mistake.

After a rough work day all off duty cop Reid wants is pizza, beer and to watch football. But fate has other plans for him. A gorgeous beauty flags him down outside a strip club and his sense of duty makes him stop.

A classic case of mistaken identity sparks a dangerous attraction that can only be satisfied with a daring sexual encounter. Is the risk of discovery too great, or the freedom of anonymous stranger sex even more delicious than denying the lust steaming up the car?


Today I welcome R.G. Alexander .She’s here to tell us about her new release BURN WITH ME and a little bit about herself.

I like having guests; it’s kind of like having a party. Everyone comes to see what’s going on, hopefully leaves a message or two for RG and comes back often to visit the blog later.

And she comes bearing gifts too!  A $10 Amazon gift card to a visitor… but you have to comment to win. Read her product warning :) and tell us what fascinates you the most about this tale of devilish debauchery.

Thanks for joining us today RG!

Thank you for having me!

1) Tell us a bit about your new release, BURN WITH ME. Burn With Me is the first book in the Fireborne series, and something a little different for me-since my heroine-Aziza Jane, demanded the entire series be about her (and her hunky entourage of course).

2) Where do you get your ideas? For example Life experience, fantasies, experiences and fantasies of friends, etc. Well I was reading a book on Middle Eastern mythology and there was a marathon of Doctor Who happening in our house around that time-so I probably set Burn in London because of that lol-and I couldn’t resist the jinn. Not the I Dream of Jeannie jinn, but the real—far more interesting and complicated kind. Once Aziza Jane popped into my head-the rest is history.

3) What do you find draws you most to write? I’d been writing songs and poetry since I was eight years old, but I’d never written a story (not one that didn’t rhyme anyway *G*) I did read all the time, and when I wasn’t reading, I was daydreaming. Looking back, I was always telling stories in my head. It just took my husband the Cookie to convince me to put my daydreams on paper. Lifting the Veil with Ellora’s Cave was the first story I actually finished on paper. (well on computer-but you know) That was over six years ago, and now I can’t seem to stop.

4) What else do you have in the works? More books in the Fireborne series, next up is Make Me Burn. Also a return to the Veil series, more in Children of the Goddess and Shifting Reality and Bone Daddy and Elemental Steam series…and now the Bigger in Texas series as well. (I like series-can you tell?)

5) How do you name your characters? Any special tricks? Names are important to me, especially in paranormal. I want it to reflect the person, and the meaning is often times just as important as the melody of it-how it sounds. Of course, occasionally I just pick names of people I like or think are funny (Truly Scrumptious springs to mind lol) And sometimes I pick a name that sounds right, then realize later its meaning was perfect-like Linnea from Piercing the Veil (means twin flower-and she was the plucky heroine for my cursed Viking twins)

6) Do you own an ebook reader or read on an electronic device? If so, what? I have a kindle, though I admit I read more on my laptop.

7) As a romance/erotica reader, what sort of stories do you personally prefer? Good ones. Seriously, I love romance/erotica because the readers are so open to genre. Scifi-fantasy-paranormal-contemporary-historical highlanders. As long as the characters are interesting and the story is compelling, I’m in.

8) What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? Television marathons, chocolate, coffee and video games. 

9) Any vacation or appearance plans this year? This year I’m all about catching up on my writing-next year-I’ll be everywhere! Lol Okay almost everywhere. Definitely RT convention in New Orleans.

10) What would your readers be very surprised to learn about you? I’m pretty much an open book- love getting on twitter @RG_Alexander and talking to everyone. I’m a goofy nerd who loves Doctor Who and musicals. I do have one or two surprises…but I’m not telling. I like to pretend I’m mysterious 

For details on R.G. Alexander please visit www.rgalexander.com

BurnWithMe3001 copy

Fireborne, Book 1

Aziza Jane Stewart is living on borrowed time, and making a few mistakes in London seems like a good way to go out with a bang. But when two compelling strangers draw her into an ancient conflict, she realizes her curse isn’t about death at all…it’s about the power within her.

The sexy giant following her says he can smell trouble on her skin, the smokeless fire and magic of the demons he was born and bred to hunt. Brandon may be an enforcer, but his reaction to her is anything but adversarial. Ram, her new Jinn shadow, will do whatever it takes to come between them, and he’s just as hard for Aziza to resist.

When her dark family legacy burns to the surface, whom can Aziza trust? The alpha male who pushes all her hot buttons, the Jinn who seduces her in dreams, or the emerging Fireborne within? As danger circles closer, she must learn to embrace her newfound powers—and trust someone with her heart—before she becomes the final casualty.

Product Warnings

Explicit content, magic, danger, voyeurism, chains, a secret ménage and carnal deeds of devilish debauchery at every other turn. Basically…fasten your seatbelts and get ready to burn.

Six Sentence Sunday – Dec 30

My next Ellora’s Cave release is coming January 4. Plus One, with their Exotika line. Here plusone_msris a bit of temptation for you that I hope drags you in wanting more.

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Plus One

“So, Karen, did you want to go in?” Wendy asked her.

“I didn’t bring a suit.”

“Well, we can fix that.” Wendy peeled off her bikini top and stripped her bottoms down her legs. Rob tried not to ogle his friend. He knew she had great tits but seeing them now, bare, exposed to him, was the last thing he expected.

Karen looked at Wendy and chewed her lower lip. Would she or wouldn’t she strip? Take off her very businesslike clothes. Rob realized he was anticipating her answer and wishing she’d make up her mind quickly. He wanted to lay eyes on her hidden body and see if she was really as smoking hot as he thought she was.

Plus One – Blurb

A girls’ night out for a pole dance workshop at her friend’s upscale sex club takes a wild turn for normally timid Karen. She knew what to expect, but not how far she’d be willing to go.

Rob comes to Desire After Dark as a plus one. His only expectation is visual stimulation, not participation. But that soon changes when he spots the buttoned-up-to-there beauty hanging around on the sidelines.

Thrown together, Karen and Rob find the sexual heat between them undeniable. Surrounded by twosomes and moresomes, they step on an unexpected and steamy path. But when another joins in, they have a plus one of their own.

An Exotika ® erotica story from Ellora’s Cave


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