One Trip

I’ve been absent the past two weeks and Christmas has come upon us with a rush. This is the time of year that can be stressful and fun filled at the same time. Many people are sad mom dad anniversary pic as they think of loved ones no longer with them. My family now falls into this category and why I’ve not been around the social network sites lately. My mom passed away nine days ago. She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, but that’s not what took her. A swift, sudden and shocking infection claimed her with lightening speed. Her compromised immune system  couldn’t handle the onslaught and we did what we could to ease her from this life.

So this Christmas will be different for our family and for my dad. They celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary in August. Life does go on. The world keeps turning and we are reminded that we only get one trip around the sun. So try and make it the best trip you can. Be joyful, happy, and show your love to those important to you. It can be hard at times, but there is nothing better than a peaceful soul.

We’re going to try and have a Merry Christmas and I wish for all of you to have love and joy this holiday season.