Cruise Into Eden

I’m so glad to have Lexi visiting me today and talking about her new release Cruise Into Eden. her stories are inspired by classic literature, which is very cool indeed. And I know she is working on a most awesome project now, but my lips are sealed :)

Last April I spent some time with Lexi and her wonderful husband on their very special island, St. Croix USVI, where their house was right on the beach. I was in heaven and LOVED it so much, even if my air bed did have a leak that needed pumping up at 3am every night LOL (They were packing to move) Cruise ships would come into port on occasion and it was something to see.

Thanks for visiting today Lexi! Oh, and if you know how to make that Lime in the Coconut, share please :)

…and I was on this very beach below. Like I said, heaven.

Private beach

Why the Caribbean?

First, I want to thank Cristal for having me on her blog today. Knowing I was coming here, it wasn’t hard to pick a topic to discuss because I know what a beach girl, Cristal is J

In my new release, Cruise into Eden, I chose to set it mostly on a cruise, but not just any cruise, a clothing optional cruise. Part of the reason for this was that this is an erotic romance and I thought it would be great place to make the two heroes comfortable because Ware and Nase are from the planet Eden. In Eden, it is impolite to wear clothes!

Of course, once I made them comfortable I had to figure out where the cruise was going. One of the great things about a nude cruise is that it has to go to warm places. I mean, after all, no one is wearing clothes, so I chose the Caribbean as I lived in the Caribbean and know it well.

This cruise stops in St. Martin (that’s the French side), a private island owned by the cruise line, Jamaica, and finally Key West before heading back to its port. I picked these places because I knew for a fact they all have wonderful beaches. The bonus with the Caribbean ports was they also had places where not having clothes was allowed.

Can you imagine getting a tan with no tan lines on a pristine white beach next to turquoise blue waters in 88-degree heat with a soft ocean breeze and the palm trees swaying? Okay, how about with a bathing suit on, a cabana boy, and a tall drink called Lime in the Coconut? If you can imagine that, then there is a good chance you’ll enjoy Cruise into Eden.

Always, Lexi

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Erin couldn’t help the big smile on her face as she strolled between Nase and Ware down the narrow path to the beach. What woman could blame her? She had two gorgeous hunks and they would soon be sunning on a beach. She’d be the envy of every woman there.

For such a popular place, she was surprised by how small the path was. She’d heard more than a couple of groups disembarking the ship talking about Orient Beach. Then again, it was a nude beach so maybe it had to be tucked away.

The salty smell of the ocean caught her just before the path opened up to a small beach flanked by two coral rock heads. Between them was two hundred feet of pure, white sand and the beautiful turquoise water she had seen from the ship. Now this was a beach, except it was empty.

Ware stepped up to her, his body barely touching hers. “Do you like it?”

She tilted her head up to look at him and caught her breath. His presence was almost overpowering. Her body reacted to him like a candle lit by a match, slowly melting but hot. Staring into his green gaze was mesmerizing.

The slightest twitching at the corner of his mouth had her mind taking over again. “I love it. But where are all the people?”

“It’s just us. Everyone else is probably on Orient Beach, which I imagine is quite crowded by now. We thought you might like to try a more secluded spot.”

She turned her body toward his. “Try it for what?”

“For being nude.”

She stepped back. “Why?”

He cocked his head slightly. “Why not? Did you sleep naked last night?”

She flushed. “Yes.”

Ware closed the space between them, pressing his hard body against her and cupping her cheek. “Then I would ask that you spend your time on this beach with us naked.”

Oh God, when he used that tone of voice she craved to do whatever he wanted. Again she wondered if he was a hypnotist.

She looked around the secluded beach. They were surrounded by hills and the only house she could see was far up on a mountain. “Okay. But you have to put lotion on my back. I don’t want to burn.”

Ware smiled, as in a real smile, and her heart jumped into double time, causing her to catch a breath. A warmth filled her chest as if she belonged. She clasped his hand against her cheek and shuddered at the sensual feelings that coursed through her body like a wave.

He pulled back. “I would be happy to help you.”

Erin shivered at the vision of Ware rubbing lotion onto her back.

Nase ran up to them, already naked. “The water feels like home. Anyone interested in swimming?”

She grinned. “I am. Skinny dipping I’ve done. Though it was at night.” She winked at Ware. “Where should we set our towels?”

Ware took her bag from her. “You go swim. I’ll set up.”

“Okay.” She quickly pulled off her sundress, throwing it over his arm. Taking one more glance around the secluded spot, she untied her rainbow-striped string bikini, and dropped the top into her bag. Before she could lose her nerve, she pulled down her bottoms and they followed her top.

Ware nodded in approval, but Nase grabbed her hand. “Come on, let’s catch some waves.”

He pulled her to the water’s edge, but there were no waves to catch. Without hesitation, he scooped her up and walked into the water until he was chest deep. “I’ve waited so long to hold you.”

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Hang ’em Up

Elizabeth Inglee-Richards- Acchrocher Ses Patins Portfolio

Genre: Paranormal hockey romance

Flame rating: Warm to Scorching

 Released: 2/1/2013

Publisher: Books To Go Now


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Tour long Giveaway: 3 copies of the book and 3 hockey charm bracelets

Dates:  November 11th thru 30th

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 Legal Information:

– Entering this contest means you have read, understood, and agree with all rules and regulations stated.- Entrants must be 18 or older (or age of majority in your country) to enter and to win.- No purchase necessary.- Void where prohibited.- All stated rules are subject to change without notification or reason given.- Chances of winning vary widely based on the number of entries received.- Prize is as stated. No substitutions or exchanges.

– Contest host/organizer is not responsible to misrepresented/mis-typed email addresses, spam filters, mailer demons, and other internet wackiness that may crop up at the time of winner notification.

– Winners are final.- Contest Starts 00:01EST November 11, 2013 and Ends 12:59EST November 30, 2013 and open to International participants- Winners will be notified via email, twitter, or facebook no later than 12:00EST December 3, 2013 -Respond by date to collect prize is 14 days from notification date.


Elizabeth Inglee-Richards is a writer of urban, and suburban fantasy. She loves writing about fairies, werewolves, witches and what have you, all set in the modern world. She particularly loves the tension created when the paranormal world touches our real world. Her work is mostly set in Delaware or Massachusetts, the only two places she knows well enough to set fiction.


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twitter: @bodgei


In the nineteen twenty’s the world of Ice Hockey was changing forever, spreading south into the US markets. Two young lovers from New Brunswick were preparing to get married when the young man is offered his dream job as a goalie for a team based in Halifax. The couple has no idea what changes they are going to have to make for the team that doesn’t just wear the Hyena, they become the hyena quite literally.

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 Excerpt #1

Jennot and I were newly engaged, and he was set to finish school in the spring. I thought at the time, that Raymond had mistaken us for a married couple, but even then it would have been odd for him to approach me first. A man’s employment wasn’t his wife’s place to choose. I didn’t know about Bouda; I didn’t know about anything outside the normal life back then. He and his wife sat near me for the rest of the game, watching Jennot, watching the other boys and― I found out later― watching me.

It was an ugly game. A feud had erupted in the town about something ― I can’t quite remember what now― and many men came to me for repair work. I tended all of them with more skill than I had been allowed to use on my Jean-Mark. I doubted that any of the other men were scared that day.

Back then, there was next to no safety equipment for goalies, and you either had to be very brave or very stupid to take up the position.

The Wolf Within

Hi my name is Amy Lee Burgess and I write paranormal romances.  Let’s talk second chance love today.  In my Wolf Within series a second chance at happiness is a pretty big theme.   My heroine, Stanzie, was bonded the first time at age 20 to a man who for all intents and purposes was her first boyfriend. She loved him very much and everything came so easily to them. From their first meeting in line for a movie they knew they’d be together.

Liam Murphy‘s first romance is a bit more complicated. He was completely head over heels, love at first sight with Sorcha, his first bond mate, but her side of the story goes a little differently.

When Stanzie and Murphy meet a decade or so later, it is definitely not love at first sight. They’ve both lost their bond mates to tragic accidents and are still grieving.

Stanzie wants to reach out again to love and be loved. After the deaths of her bond mates, she was thrown out of her pack and was forced to live on her own for two years. She’s lonely and she’s Pack. People of the Great Pack are social creatures and living alone, cut off from a pack’s support, is difficult.

After Sorcha’s death, Murphy separated himself deliberately from his pack, but they wouldn’t let him be completely alone. So he’s had support for the time he’s been grieving. More than Stanzie ever had.

Circumstances throw them together and they end up bonded, but it’s a tough situation for both of them. Stanzie never forgets Grey and Elena, but she does want to reach out to Murphy and try to connect. He’s much more reluctant and we come to find out it’s because he’s afraid to get burned again like he did with Sorcha.

They meet in Beneath the Skin and don’t much like each other at first, but grow to depend on each other. Friendship blossoms. But is it enough to remain bonded?

In Scratch the Surface, more of Murphy’s backstory with Sorcha comes out and many of Stanzie’s assumptions are shattered.  Can they pick up the pieces and keep their growing feelings for each other alive?

The events in Hidden in Plain Sight stretch everything they’ve built together to the breaking point.  Already fragile, can their relationship be patched?

Inside Out is their time out novel. Murphy goes back to his pack in Dublin.  Stanzie is devastated but too scared to do anything but try to go on without him. Yet she can’t forget him, can’t let go of what they had, even if he’s not there anymore.

About Face is the fifth book in the novel and the most important in terms of Stanzie and Murphy’s relationship. They have to figure out if what they have together is worth fighting for.

Stanzie goes to Dublin to try to salvage what they have. But that’s not enough. What they had before is over. They need something better.  Something honest.

Can they possibly forge a relationship strong enough to withstand the tests and trouble that they encounter in this novel?

Guess you’ll have to read it to find out!



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Sondrae Bennett & Kalindra

Today I welcome Sondrae Bennett .She’s here to tell us about her new release Kalindra and a little bit about herself.

I like having guests; it’s kind of like having a party. Everyone comes to see what’s going on, hopefully leaves a message or two for Sondrae and comes back often to visit the blog later.

Thanks for joining us today Sondrae! It sounds like we get our ideas from similar situations. I to have a few stories based on events – and yes, yet to be written. Have fun a Comic Con!

1) Tell us a bit about your new release, Kalindra.
Thank you for hosting me today, Cristal. Kalindra is about a harpy warrior who is chosen to guard the gateway between Earth and Outremer, the world of every paranormal or mythological creature imaginable. She discovers that a human, Cameron, has passed through the gate without her knowing, so she takes holds him hostage until she can discover his secrets, but the creatures of Outremer want whatever he has that allows him to pass through the gate undetected and assault the gateway to try and get their hands on it. Through all of this, Cameron and Kalindra develop a relationship and, eventually fall in love. It’s a romance so I don’t think I’m giving anything away with that last bit.

2) Where do you get your ideas? For example Life experience, fantasies, experiences and fantasies of friends, etc.
Everywhere and anywhere. I was once walking down the sidewalk, almost ran into someone and had a great idea for a scene. Of course, it was for a very specific book that I haven’t written yet, but is going to be my next project.

3) What do you find draws you most to write?
I love stories. I’ve always been an avid reader of just about anything I can get my hands on, romance once I was old enough, but even before that I would devour books. I just sink into a good book and can’t get it out of my head, even when I’m not reading. Writing my own stories is ten times more rewarding. I just love to do it.

4) What else do you have in the works?
I’m currently writing a story tentatively titled Bring Me To Life. It’s about a painter who is cursed so his paintings come to life and there is one woman who he’s been painting on and off his whole life who comes to him and…well I don’t want to give too much away, but I am extremely excited about this one. I think it is going to be really amazing once it’s finished. After that, I will be working on the next book in my Alpine Woods Shifters series, which will be Laurie’s story for all the anxious fans out there.

5) How do you name your characters? Any special tricks?
Sometimes a character comes to me with a name. Sometimes I figure out how old they are and look up popular baby names at the time of their birth. I do have a list of names I love that I eventually want to use for a story, but sometimes none of those fit so I have to go searching.

6) Do you own an ebook reader or read on an electronic device? If so, what?
I read on both my Kindle Fire and my iphone (kindle ap). I do read some hard copies, but I’ve mostly moved to electronic.

7) As a romance/erotica reader, what sort of stories do you personally prefer?
I like them all. I know that sounds like a cop out, but I really do. I’ll get in the mood for a BDSM, or a ménage story, sometimes a historical or a contemporary. I guess I read more paranormal romance than the other genres, but I’ll crave most of them at some point. As long as they have interesting characters.

8) What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?
My favorite guilty pleasure? This might be a boring answer but video games. I love to play video games but rarely have the time for them. So I sneak them in here and there for an hour or two.
9) Any vacation or appearance plans this year?
I am going back to high school for a reunion this summer, which I’m actually really excited about. I’m taking a whole week and planning to stay with my best friend, who is now teaching at our high school, and we always have a blast together. So I’m looking forward to that.

I’m also going to be at Comic Con this year! I’ll be wearing a t-shirt with my book covers (although my friends will be as well). I won’t have a booth, but if anyone is going, look out for me!

10) What would your readers by very surprised to learn about you?
Not sure. I’m pretty open about my geekiness on twitter and facebook, so that probably wouldn’t surprise anyone (see comic con appearance, lol). I have two dogs, but I talk about them all the time. I don’t know, I’m an open book. 

For details on Sondrae Bennett please visit


Blurb: Blurb:
What happens when a warrior woman meets her match?

Harpy Kalindra stumbles upon three human corpses who’ve mysteriously crossed from Earth into Outremer through the portal she guards. A human prisoner with two traveling vampires seems her only clue. She captures the man, and brings him back to her lair to discover the truth-not only why he came to Outremer, but how he got past the defenses of the gate. She expects answers. What she doesn’t expect is the intense attraction she feels for him…attraction he seems to share.

Cameron has a secret. For years, he’s used a shard of the gateway to cross worlds without detection-for his own gain. When the gatekeeper saves him from the clutches of vampires who want the shard, he learns she’s not just another monster from Outremer. He can’t resist his attraction to her human form, and before long he’s feeling more than simple lust for her.

Kalindra’s gateway comes under constant attack from creatures who want what Cameron has. The assaults are his fault, but he can’t hand over the shard, which is a family legacy. He must convince Kalindra he can help defend the gate…but how?

Kalindra’s anger drained away. This was her fault. She never should have let him get this close. Never should have let him kiss her.

“Damn it, you can’t do this. You can’t try and protect me.”

He snorted in response.

“I am a warrior, not a woman. Protecting the gate is my task, not yours.”

Cameron tilted his head, his eyes sweeping down her form in a slow caress that made heat rise to the surface. Biting the inside of her lip, Kalindra barely managed to hold off the shiver as awareness woke the insatiable hunger for him inside her. The desire in his eyes echoed the emotions whipping through her, destroying all control.

“You look like a woman to me.” His deep voice rolled through her, bringing the shudder she could no longer hold back. When he looked at her like that, she felt like one. Not just any woman, but a sexy one.

When he looked at her with naked desire shining from his eyes, she felt…alive. After coming so close to death moments before, she needed that feeling. Needed him. Passion tore through her until she shook from the force of holding herself back.

Understanding shone on his face, in the roguish tilt of his lips and the fire kindling his gaze. This time when he took a step forward, Kalindra did retreat. Not from him, but from what he made her feel. But he was faster. Wrapping his arm around her waist, he yanked her forward until she stood plastered against him. Every inch touching him.

She melted into his heat, her arms gripping his shoulders as she stared into his eyes. Her body, still churned up from the fight, demanded satisfaction. The fight had denied her any. Here stood a means of getting what she needed.

Their lips met in the middle. Tongues tangling together in desperation for the other. She jumped into his arms as he moved backward, slamming her back against the tree trunk behind her. She grunted at the impact.

He let up for a moment, staring into her eyes as if trying to determine if he’d been too rough. Sweet.

She didn’t want sweet. The fire inside her demanded to be conquered by the warrior inside him. She ached to be taken. Hard, and fast.

Anya – Mother of Dragons

I’m so thrilled to be hosting my good friend Anya Richards as she celebrates her release of Dragon’s Claim. It’s a scorching read. Anya has a way with words and I truly love all her stories. Her Unveiled Seduction series is fabulous and can’t wait for the next one.

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Anya is giving away a $10.00 GC for Amazon, B&N or ARe AND a copy of either Stone-Hard Passion OR Fleeing Fate. Make sure you enter and comment to win!

About Anya

After living a checkered past, and despite an avowed disinterest in domesticity, multi-published erotic romance author Anya Richards settled in Ontario, Canada, with husband, kids, an adorable pup and a cat that plots world domination, one food bowl at a time. Her slightly darker alter-ego, Anya Delvay, emerges occasionally to write erotica.

Interested in all things historical and hysterical, Anya describes herself as intensely curious, (although the word ‘nosy’ has been bandied about) and a life-long people-watcher. Using what she’s discovered about people, places and various weird and wonderful things, Anya has written contemporary, historical and paranormal/fantasy romance novels, novellas and short stories for Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Cleis Press and Spice Briefs.

To find out more, please drop by Anya’s website at, follow her on Twitter or like her on Facebook.

Dragon’s Claim Blurb:

Book three in the Unveiled Seductions series.

Dragon's ClaimTalathion Frostbane was tasked with saving his people and took on the responsibility unflinchingly. Yet all it takes to throw his entire existence into chaos is one encounter with the wyvern-shifter he spurned two hundred years before. The passion between them is as strong as ever, but there’s no escaping the expectations of the clan. And giving in to the all-consuming desire for the dragonkin would have devastating consequences.

When Hervé Cinq à Sept travels to the Fey city of Leaich, searching for answers after someone tries to kill him, what he finds rocks his world in a variety of ways and leads him down a path of inescapable hunger. As he finds himself on his knees, lost in desperate need and heading for heartbreak, he realizes why, as a species, the dragonkin no longer believe in love. It’s so easy to lose everything—pride, independence, control—when the one you want to claim can never be yours.

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Dragon’s Claim Excerpt:

They had to get out of the club. Even through the fog of his need Hervé knew he didn’t want their first time together to be like this—a fumbling encounter on his desk or tattoo table. He wanted to be able to look at Tala as he touched him, branded him with his attention, possessed him completely, utterly, as he’d dreamed.

Reluctantly he let go of Tala’s ass long enough to reach for his amulet, intending to open a portal, but clearly the elf had the same thought and beat him to it. There was a rush of magic, so strong as to be shocking, and in a blink they were in the master bedroom at the beach house.

There was no time to even consider the extent of Tala’s power because Hervé realized not only had the elf translocated them but he’d removed all their clothes too. They were skin-to-skin and the primal rush of arousal firing through his system was almost more than Hervé could bear. The sound that broke from his throat was agonized, feral, giving aural evidence of the yearning overwhelming his soul. Ravenous, he threaded the fingers of one hand through Tala’s hair and broke the kiss. Tugging on the toffee-brown curls, Hervé gave in to the need to taste him more fully and set mouth and teeth to the other man’s neck. Elation shook him when a low moan of assent vibrated from the straining throat into his lips.

Wedging a thigh between the other man’s, Hervé shuddered at the press of the hard cock against his hip, the slick dampness illustrating the extent of Tala’s arousal. Or was it his own cock causing the trails of wetness over their stomachs? Step by step he pressed the elf backward toward the bed, aware of the rocking of their groins, the hard grasp of Tala’s hands—one on his ass, the other on the back of his head. He’d never felt weak with need before, excited beyond bearing by the knowledge he was about to make love with—no, lay claim to—another being. Within raged the urge to brand Tala with his fire, take him, take from him something elemental and necessary, as the elf had so long ago stolen a piece of his heart.

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Fleeing Fate – Book One in the Unveiled Seduction series.

fleeingFate_msrJakuta Dagbo knows bad weather’s approaching, even though the sky above the faie world is clear. And when Gràinne Bairdie walks into The Midnight Café wanting an arcane tattoo, he realizes the tempest raging into his life has nothing to do with wind and rain. Just one look at her brings his storm god libido, and the protective instincts he no longer trusts, to thundering life.

Gràinne’s a banshee on the run, desperate to claim the emotions she’s sure are rightfully hers and has no time to explore the sparks of need flying between herself and Jakuta. What she’s trying to do will bring the wrath of the Banshee Council down on her head, and she knows they’ll do anything to stop her.

Yet, as Gràinne and Jakuta peel back the layers of their lives, searching for the answers she needs, they can’t ignore the lightning-hot passion searing their blood. And when emotion reaches its apex, demanding complete surrender to the cyclone of desire, neither can resist. Even if it means Gràinne’s banshee wail of release will be her last.

Stone-Hard Passion – Book two in the Unveiled Seductions series.

Tattoo artist Jasmina is on a mission to entice her client Vidar into bed, but getting the shy,StoneHardPassion_msr obscenely ripped troll to agree is going to take some work. Even telling him straight up she wants him doesn’t break through his reserved, polite demeanor. Just what does a jinn have to do? Maybe showing him the pleasures they can enjoy without jeopardizing their friendship will do the trick.

Beneath Vidar’s staid exterior his blood burns with the thought of having Jasmina for his own. He’s been carrying a torch for years, never thinking she’d be interested in a troll. Although he desperately wants to take Jasmina up on her offer, there’s something about him she doesn’t know, and he doubts she’ll still be interested if she finds out.

When Jasmina’s past threatens and Vidar offers her sanctuary, there’s no way to stop their passion from boiling to the surface. But despite their new closeness, secrets and dangerous enemies can destroy what they’ve built, forcing them to sacrifice everything to prove their love.