The Wolf Within

Hi my name is Amy Lee Burgess and I write paranormal romances.  Let’s talk second chance love today.  In my Wolf Within series a second chance at happiness is a pretty big theme.   My heroine, Stanzie, was bonded the first time at age 20 to a man who for all intents and purposes was her first boyfriend. She loved him very much and everything came so easily to them. From their first meeting in line for a movie they knew they’d be together.

Liam Murphy‘s first romance is a bit more complicated. He was completely head over heels, love at first sight with Sorcha, his first bond mate, but her side of the story goes a little differently.

When Stanzie and Murphy meet a decade or so later, it is definitely not love at first sight. They’ve both lost their bond mates to tragic accidents and are still grieving.

Stanzie wants to reach out again to love and be loved. After the deaths of her bond mates, she was thrown out of her pack and was forced to live on her own for two years. She’s lonely and she’s Pack. People of the Great Pack are social creatures and living alone, cut off from a pack’s support, is difficult.

After Sorcha’s death, Murphy separated himself deliberately from his pack, but they wouldn’t let him be completely alone. So he’s had support for the time he’s been grieving. More than Stanzie ever had.

Circumstances throw them together and they end up bonded, but it’s a tough situation for both of them. Stanzie never forgets Grey and Elena, but she does want to reach out to Murphy and try to connect. He’s much more reluctant and we come to find out it’s because he’s afraid to get burned again like he did with Sorcha.

They meet in Beneath the Skin and don’t much like each other at first, but grow to depend on each other. Friendship blossoms. But is it enough to remain bonded?

In Scratch the Surface, more of Murphy’s backstory with Sorcha comes out and many of Stanzie’s assumptions are shattered.  Can they pick up the pieces and keep their growing feelings for each other alive?

The events in Hidden in Plain Sight stretch everything they’ve built together to the breaking point.  Already fragile, can their relationship be patched?

Inside Out is their time out novel. Murphy goes back to his pack in Dublin.  Stanzie is devastated but too scared to do anything but try to go on without him. Yet she can’t forget him, can’t let go of what they had, even if he’s not there anymore.

About Face is the fifth book in the novel and the most important in terms of Stanzie and Murphy’s relationship. They have to figure out if what they have together is worth fighting for.

Stanzie goes to Dublin to try to salvage what they have. But that’s not enough. What they had before is over. They need something better.  Something honest.

Can they possibly forge a relationship strong enough to withstand the tests and trouble that they encounter in this novel?

Guess you’ll have to read it to find out!



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