Wild Wild West – Wyoming

I just got back from Wyoming. West. Wild Horses. Cowboy land. Big sky. Green Grass. Snowy Range Mountains. So in honour of the West and cowboys I give you a visual treat, here are a few of my close to 450 pics. As they say, a picture says 1000 words.

This page will be dedicated to my western adventure and watch for a few more pictures to show up and I will be adding links to the special friends that I met while there. All in good time and trying to keep my “live in the moment” feel from this wonderful retreat.

Cattle drive when the wild horses turned up – see below pic
Descent from Breakfast Hill with Cowboy Tom – he is 76
Green grass of Wyoming with a Brown Crane in the distance
Cowboy Tucker driving off a herd of wild horses.
Cowboys Tucker and Brent as we went bushwacking
Two Bald Eagle babies
Cowboy Tom on his Mustang
My cabin for the week on the Little Laramie River
One of many water crossings

I stayed at the Vee Bar Ranch in Centennial Valley, Wyoming, with nine other authors. But I was the only erotica romance author :) Needless to say, I was totally inspired and have a new series in mind, with the plot percolating for the first two books. Book three and possibly four will show its face to me as I begin. The series title has been decided and the names of the two books. I’ll keep it secret for now because you never can tell which way the wind will blow.

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